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At Revive we work in partnership with your organisation, facilitating excellent levels of stakeholder engagement and working with your managers to deliver solutions that have an identifiable and meaningful return on investment. Our aim is to establish a culture of operational excellence within your organisation, where process efficiencies, waste reduction and cost management are embedded in your companies DNA.

By focusing on both process improvement and professional development, our bespoke services produce a fundamental and sustainable change in business efficiencies and organisational behaviour.


We offer experienced and dedicated consultancy to support larger projects within your organisation that may have been identified or are already underway.

Our team of experienced associates bring a wealth of practical experience from a wide range of industries and market leading organisations, each and every one of them having held senior management positions within internationally recognised organisations before joining Revive.

The expertise and knowledge gained operating in these roles has been enhanced through their subsequent experience of developing and improving the management, quality control and cost base of business’ across the UK and UAE as consultants for Revive.

LEAN Academy

Revive’s LEAN Academy takes key individuals from your organisation on an intensive training course, introducing and educating them in the principles, methodologies and application of Lean Six Sigma in your business.

LEAN Academy:

  1. Tailors its services to meet each client’s unique requirements and specific business challenges.
  2. Has a range of services to build team capabilities signified as Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belts.
  3. Engages management through Six Sigma Project Champion training, ensuring confidence in project selection and sponsoring aspiring practitioners
  4. Develops the next generation of leaders through its rigorous and intensive training and mentoring program, delivering lasting benefits to your business.
  5. Delivers measurable financial improvements straight to your bottom line, through mandatory projects for each qualification, with a typical ROI of 10:1
  6. Integrates Six Sigma projects into existing organisational governance, championing process improvement within existing model.

Case Studies

FM Lean Academy

Transport Lean Academy

Business Transformation

Revive can help you run a successful Transformation and continuous improvement programme by introducing you to some of the most effective tools available and helping you implement these in the workplace.

  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Visual Management
  • Continuous Improvement Programmes

We provide a comprehensive and exhaustive business transformation service to assist underperforming organisations, dedicated to solving both financial and operational short falls. Our experienced consultants immerse themselves in your organisations working with your management team to carry out a detailed diagnostic review of your P&L, rapidly identifying the immediate challenges to your business. Using the data and evidence collected during our review, we are able to implement a strategic plan to quickly and successfully address the greatest risks to your business, stabilising performance within your organisation and realising a swift return on investment.

Through further use of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies combined with our understanding of your business, our consultants develop a long-term, holistic strategy, built on the strengths and opportunities within your business. In addition to consulting, our senior associates mentor, energise and develop your managers, imparting their knowledge and delivering a sustainable turnaround solution.

Case Studies

Lean Implementation

Programme Management

Organisational Effectiveness

Operational excellence is more than the right people doing the right thing. It is characterised by the whole being greater than the sum of its individual parts. For an organisation to achieve excellence, the people and the processes must be aligned within a structure that promotes the right decisions being made and executed in the most effective and least wasteful way.

At Revive we work with your organisation to identify those decisions that have the largest impact on your operations, designing and implementing integrated organisational systems that provides the roles, processes, behaviours and culture to help you achieve excellence.

Case Studies

Lean Construction

Operational Effectiveness

Change Management

Interim Management

Leveraging the extensive professional networks of our management team and associate base Revive is able to rapidly deploy experienced managers to meet your short-term project or medium term requirements. Our interim managers specialise in problem solving, filling strategic roles and delivering high quality results under challenging time frames, either to compliment other Revive initiatives or as stand alone appointments.

Case Studies

Operational readiness

LEAN Manufacturing vs Construction

Project Management

Coaching and Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring solutions are tailor made to fit the operational and cultural requirements of your organisation. Our mentors and coaches work within your existing organisational structure and governance framework or as part of a wider Revive intervention, aligning the development of your managers with the strategic goals of your organisation.

Revive’s associates’ wide range of expertise, ensures that mentors have experience directly relevant to your business, increasing proficiencies and competencies that maximise your business performance and creating a culture of continuous improvement.

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