Lean Academy

Lean Academy

Build your in-house Lean Six Sigma Academy with the support and guidance of Revive. We are experts in performance improvement and business transformation using industry standard LEAN and Six Sigma tools and techniques. Revive’s LEAN Academy puts key individuals from your organisation through an intensive training course, educating them in the principles, methodologies and application of Lean Six Sigma in your business. All awards and services offered under Revive’s LEAN Academy are delivered by Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who have proven track records of delivering performance improvement solutions into a wide range of industries, sectors and service lines. Each LEAN Academy Award includes extensive mentoring and coaching by our Six Sigma Black Belts, ensuring application of theory to work place activities and the successful completion of projects. By focusing on both process improvement and professional development, our bespoke services produce a fundamental and sustainable change in business efficiencies and organisational behaviour. .

Yellow Belt

Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt programme offers candidates an introduction to Lean Six Sigma, focusing on the wastes they encounter in their day-to-day activities and provide a number of tools to identify, measure and improve these processes. Our Yellow Belt programme is designed to be applicable and appropriate to individuals at all levels of a business and therefore the associated selection criteria is much more flexible. As a minimum we would recommend basic literacy and numeracy skills coupled with an understanding of Microsoft Office applications, specifically Excel and PowerPoint.  By focusing on both process improvement and professional development, our bespoke services produce a fundamental and sustainable change in business efficiencies and organisational behaviour.  

Green Belt

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training programme is designed to build on the skills, tools and techniques acquired at Yellow Belt, developing the next generation of leaders within your organisation and instilling a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence within your organisation. Whilst candidates who have completed a Yellow Belt certification will be at an advantage in the early part of the course it is by no means necessary to be Yellow Belt certified to enter a Green Belt programme. Our Green Belt Award is an innovative and engaging training programme using a combination of theory, group exercises and real life examples to educate candidates in the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and how they are applied in the workplace. The key skills and tools covered within this initial training course include:

  • Value and Waste
  • DMAIC process
  • Visual Management
  • Work place organisation
  • Problem Solving
  • Process Mapping
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Financial Awareness


Black Belt

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training programme is designed for senior manager or director level employees who have a strong working understanding of Lean Six Sigma, having either completed a Green Belt qualification or demonstrating a keen understanding and awareness through a separate forum. The training course builds on much of the principles introduced at Green Belt level, developing the skills that allow candidates to investigate and effectively solve ever increasingly complex problems. Specifically the course expands heavily on the statistical analysis tools introduced at Green Belt level, developing keen analytical skills and a tool box of techniques designed to guide a candidate towards the root causes and possible solutions. In addition to conducting their own process and performance improvement projects, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt should also be in a position to lead large scale programmes, utilising the skills of the Green and Yellow Belt practitioners within their teams. As a part of this leadership a Black Belt should be capable and comfortable coaching and mentoring Green and Yellow Belts towards certification, expanding the depth of knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies within a business and leading the cultural shift towards operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Value Stream Mapping

Revive has particularly strong expertise in Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in both manufacturing and transactional environments.  Value Stream Mapping enables an organisation to visualise the current state and identify the Waste and improvement opportunities across the end-to-end value creation process for both information and material/service flow, typically from customer order to delivery and payment. Then Lean Six Sigma principles and methods are applied to develop an ideal future state map which provides a long-term aspirational vision. In order to progressively transition towards this condition where value flows continuously, an improvement roadmap is developed with a comprehensive programme of short, medium and long-term actions and projects over the subsequent months, establishing new standards, processes and systems.

Revive can provide the leadership, facilitation and knowledge transfer in Value Stream Mapping as well as Change Management skills to apply VSM effectively in your organisation and help drive transformational and sustainable change, value stream by value stream. Importantly this approach also encourages a customer focus, a process orientation and systemic thinking which helps break down any ‘silo-mentality’ or inter-functional tension.

It’s essential that data to generate the chosen metrics can reliably and accurately be obtained, and that the organisation can effectively intervene to change the performance

If you would like to find out more about Value Stream Mapping and how it could help you and your organisation, then please feel free to contact us. You can do this by clicking on the button below and we will be happy to help


Workplace organisation is a fundamental but often overlooked component of a highly effective organisation. Standardization, predictability, safety, and quality are all driven from an organized workplace. At Revive we have developed programmes for a vast array of industries, from technology and logistics, to manufacturing and construction. Each industry requiring a unique approach to get the most from the standard tools deployed as part of a 6s programme. As with all our transformation projects, we focus on creating a data driven performance baseline, we train and mentor your teams in the application of relevant tools, we measure results, and create a framework which delivers impressive results.

Bespoke Training

In partnership with a leading UAE based ILM (institute of Leadership and Mangement) provider, Revive can design and deliver a range of courses suited to your operational requirements. Each of our courses consists of a training element and a project delivery element, ensuring we deliver improved performance and tangible results.

Change Management