Lean Implementation

  • Lean implementation

About This Project

Our client was operating under many of the traditional manufacturing methods, leading to excessive waste, high inventory levels, significant amounts of rework and a low levels of quality with a defect rate of over 2000PPM.

Our associates helped established X-functional teams within the client organisation to drive changes and ensure sustainability, in the following areas;

  • Inventory reduction
  • Layout improvement
  • Changeover reduction
  • Demand chain logistics
  • Management control and reporting systems (MCRS)
  • Quality improvement
  • Maintenance improvement.

Key ‘lean methods’ were adopted such as ‘SMED’ and ‘Level scheduling’ were introduced to establish a lean, lower cost environment with Six Sigma applied to improve management effectiveness and quality levels.

We successfully established a robust framework that saw overall quality levels improve to less than 500ppm and during the project lifecycle alone, delivered an overall saving of c $3 million.


Business Turnaround