Revive launches 100% online LEAN academy

Revive launches 100% online LEAN academy

As part of Revive Globals’ ongoing mission to provide a tangible return on investment for their clients, they have completely re-built their most popular service, the Lean Academy, from the ground up. With an unfaltering focus on high quality, relevant and tailored content, delivered by engaging and hugely experienced experts, the course is now available as an online only option. 

Simon Crossland, Managing Director at Revive Global said “Continuously improving our ability to deliver a return for our customers has been our mission for over a decade. In 2019 we moved our entire support operations online and the next logical phase in that transformation was the Lean Academy. It was important to us and our customers that we kept the “classroom led by an expert” feel but with the flexibility of being online. We’ve created new, interactive content which mimics the standard classroom experience and we’re very proud of the results.” 

Revive’s Lean academy uses Lean and Six Sigma as its foundations to deliver significant organisational change, enhanced with project and change management training, 1:1 mentoring, and the framework required to create, select and govern high quality projects delivering strategic transformation and bottom-line results. The end to end service is now available online and tailored to your organisation’s operational needs. 

Over the last decade, Revives’ customers have consistently exceeded a target return on investment of 10:1 which is forecast to rise with its new pricing model. 

The average customer rating of the Lean Academy is 4.7 out of 5 and 99% of candidates “would recommend.”

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