The Revive Leadership Academy

“Increasing profitability through exceptional leadership”

Our Ethos

At the core of the Revive Leadership Academy is a focus on sustainable bottom line growth. Subsequently all our training and development courses are designed to enable you and your company to increase in profitability.

Whether you’re a CEO planning the transformation of your entire business or you are a team leader looking to build a stronger set of leadership skills, Revive has practical solutions for facilitating personal and professional development and an increase in profitability.

Leadership Academy

Why Us

It is widely understood that an increase in training will lead to a significant improvement in the performance of an organisation but it is less widely known how to effectively apply that training for the greatest possible impact.

Revive has been leading and training operational and financial improvements in business with people all over the world for over a decade. We understand what effective leadership looks like because all our team have been leaders of significant organisations delivering rapid transformation and financial change. Our experience enables us to provide practical and useful tools for all levels of leadership with the ultimate goal of increasing profit, whether through enhancing the effectiveness of a team, supporting your CEO to deliver a change initiative, or by giving useful, practical tools to your next generation of leaders.

Development Plans

Revive offers a carefully selected range of leadership training varying from 1 day sessions through to 3-year degree level qualifications, all of which are delivered by industry experts with real organisational leadership experience.

  • Executive coaching
  • Accredited Higher Learning – City and Guilds levels 5 and 7
  • Building high performing teams
  • Revive leadership academy training plans
  • Accredited learning – City and Guilds levels 2 and 3
  • Experiential learning
  • Team building
Revive Leadership
Revive Leadership Academy


“Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality”

At Revive, our proven track record of delivering change has Lean Six Sigma methodologies at its core and the Leadership Academy is no exception. We follow the DMAIC (DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALYSE, IMROVE, CONTROL) framework to ensure we get to the heart of strategic requirements and ensure sustainable performance improvement in your teams.


One of our Lean Six Sigma black belts will work closely with you to determine what the required outcomes are. We spend time understanding your business, learning about the desired culture and what the current road blocks and dissatisfiers may be.

A roadmap for the change programme, governance structure and key milestones will be developed to ensure we remain true to our initial aims.


“We don’t know what we don’t know”

During this phase, we will conduct in-depth skills analysis to determine what the baseline level of leadership and performance capability is in the team or business. We will also complete personal reviews in conjunction with any available appraisals and finally we will complete cultural reviews to find out what values lie at the heart of the organisation.

In addition to the people element of the MEASURE phase we seek to establish an understanding of the business performance and where improvements in performance need to be established.


During the analysis phase, we seek to compare the baseline culture, training, leadership and skills of the organisation with that of the complete leadership toolkit Revive has developed. conjunction with any of the bespoke requirements your organisation has to determine where the biggest gaps are.

The critical activity at this point is not only to highlight gaps in skills but to determine which gaps will have the most significant impact on the desired outcomes, the root causes of lower profitability.


By now we have a full evaluation of your organisations capability, culture and skills and a development plan will be drawn up which marries the needs of the business with the skills of the business. Revive has a carefully crafted leadership toolbox which is available to all our customers however there may be some bespoke requirements for your organisation which we can work on collaboratively. We deliver all our training with industry or function experts and senior leaders from multiple fields to ensure that we keep the core of the training focused on your overall objectives.


An often overlooked stage of the DMAIC process and ultimately, many organisations downfall. The control and sustainability of any improvement initiative is critical to future success and the continuous improvement cycle. Revive are experts in control plans and will promote self-sustainability during this phase. We are committed to leaving your organisation with the capability to deliver future change initiatives with minimal or even zero support.