Revive Resilience

Introduction to Revive Resilience (R²)

Revive Resilience (R²) are global experts in Operational, Physical and Technical security measures to protect your critical and high value assets.

At R² we have a select cadre of highly skilled and experienced security professionals covering the majority of Security, Policing and Crisis Management disciplines who have operated at the very top of their fields in the UK, Middle East and Africa. We’ve learned the hard lessons so that you don’t have to and can benefit from our experience.

We will work in partnership with your organization and facilitate the highest levels of stakeholder and management engagement, to deliver a security regime that will protect and sustain your business investment. Our aim is to establish a seamless security operation of Trained People, Effective Processes and Appropriate Technology.

The key to our success lies in our independent and unbiased advice along with a belief that Business Continuity and Best Value are realised and Reputation Protected when security is accepted as a core element of business operations.

Revive Resilience


We specialise in the design of Integrated Security Systems, Operational Concepts (CONOPS) and Physical Security Measures to protect critical national infrastructure, business assets and people in the following sectors:

  • Ports and Airports
  • Safe Cities
  • National and Local Government
  • Police
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Transport
  • Hotels and Leisure
  • High Net-worth Individuals

We also provide Incident Management Training and Emergency Planning services for these sectors.

Security Risk Assessments

R² senior management team have a wealth of experience delivering Security Risk Assessments into some of the most challenging environments in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. This extensive understanding of the security and operational complexities of working in this wide range of geographical locations coupled with the comprehensive knowledge of internationally approved standards ensures the SRAs conducted by our team are fit for purpose. Specific elements our SRAs would take account of include:

  • Threats (known and potential) and Intelligence
  • Geo-political and security landscape
  • Location and environment
  • Business category and objectives
  • Existing security measures and vulnerability
  • Stakeholder information
  • Site surveys and Gap Analysis

Concept to Detail Security System Design

R² are able to provide complete security system design services from “Concept” through to “Ready for Construction” and our associates work with our clients to ensure exceptional of stakeholder engagement at all stages of the process. The design will be informed by and directly related to the Security Risk Assessment and will start with the development of a detailed User Requirement. This will ensure that every device and process has a defined operational benefit and contributes positively to the overall security regime.

Our senior associates will draw upon this detailed User Requirements combined with their own extensive experience to deliver:

  • A Concept Design providing clients with a high level overview of the systems, processes and technology required to secure their business.
  • A Schematic Design, built on the Concept Design, that identifies types and locations of products, how they integrate together, spatial and communications requirements and how they will be operated.
  • A Detailed Design that provides the client with a comprehensive report on the recommended security systems including specific security equipment and locations, communications networks and operating procedures.

In addition to this Revive Resilience have considerable experience developing operational procedures (CONOPS) to support, operate and make best use of the designed systems

Project Management, Testing/Commissioning

R² work with our client’s own in house teams throughout the full life cycle of their Security System and associated assets, ensuring continued excellent levels of service and performance from the systems in place. Specifically our security professionals can manage tender development and evaluation, contract negotiation and award, contract supervision and reporting, system testing and commissioning, development and management of maintenance agreements.

Security, Policing and Incident Management Training

At Revive Resilience we recognise the fundamental relationship between People, Processes, Technology and Training and that the success of any integrated security system is dependent on each element being suitably addressed.

Revive Resilience’s own qualified facilitators offer a wide range of training services, providing our clients with not only the necessary Processes and Technology but the People and Training to ensure the continued protection of their assets. Examples of the sessions conducted by Revive Resilience include:

  • System user and administrator training
  • Security Officer training including search procedures
  • Police Skills – Intelligence Analysis, Negotiating (Kidnap/Ransom), Criminal and Post Incident Investigation, Counter Corruption, Personnel Security and Governance
  • Incident Management Training and Emergency Planning
  • Organisational Change, Efficiency and Structure Design (Lean Six Sigma)

Technologies and Systems

R² Consultants comprehensive knowledge and understanding of a wide range of technologies and systems ensures that those we incorporate and recommend in the services we provide are selected for the specific environments, operational and user requirements of our clients.

Our associates are experienced in the design, procurement and delivery of the following security systems and physical security measures:

  • Perimeter Protection and Access Points
  • Security Management Systems
  • Networks and Communications
  • Access Control/Identity Management
  • X-ray detection screening (vehicles, baggage, cargo)
  • Under Vehicle Scanning
  • Control Rooms
  • Physical Security (PAS 68* rated Road-blockers, Bollards, Barriers, Fencing, Landscaping (CPTED**))
  • Security Lighting and Glazing

*Pas 68 > internationally recognised crash rating for physical hostile vehicle mitigation products
**CPTED – Crime Prevention though Environmental Design – method for designing crime prevention measures into the natural environment

Airport Security Training