Security Risk Assessment, Consultancy and System Design

  • Transcorp Hilton Abuja

About This Project

Description of services
Transcorp required Security Consultancy for upgrades to their existing hotel and leisure complex in Abuja and for 2 new hotels to be built in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

Our Approach
Revive Resilience consultants carried out a comprehensive security risk assessment to determine the current and potential future threats to each hotel. Working closely with senior management from both Transcorp and Hilton they then developed a comprehensive, robust but discrete security design to protect the hotel from the identified threats while maintaining the essential welcoming environment for guests and visitors.

The security design delivered by Revive Resilience’s experienced consultants consisted of the following elements::

  • CCTV Surveillance of the hotel interior and grounds including:
    • Perimeter roadway, site boundary and parking areas;
    • All vehicle and pedestrian access and exit points and security checkpoints
    • Public reception areas, bars, restaurants and banquet hall
    • Lift lobbies, stairwell access and guestroom corridors
    • Key back of house functions i.e. service areas, staff access, loading bay, point of sale/cash handling, restricted areas such as IT rooms and power supply.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems
  • Access Control including biometric authentication
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (Bollards, barriers, road-blockers and traffic calming)
  • Baggage and Person Screening
  • New Control Room
  • Development of Operational Procedures and Security Training.

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