Preliminary Design for Physical and Electronic Systems

  • Doha Airport

About This Project

Description of services
Revive Resilience were contracted to develop the Preliminary Design for physical and electronic security systems and the associated operational procedures required to secure the complex perimeter of New Doha International Airport. Incorporated within this design it was imperative that the design was compliant with ICAO criteria and best practice from TSA and ECAC, and took account of previously completed threat and risk studies.

Revive Resilience completed the Preliminary Design for Physical and Electronic Security systems at the New Doha International Airport including the following elements:

  • Full document review of previous airport studies, threat and risk assessments, operational requirement studies and stakeholder requirement studies.
  • Full stakeholder engagement programme to establish definitive requirements for design.
  • Provision of Preliminary Design for multiple systems:
    • Ground and Maritime Surveillance Radars.
    • Fence mounted and buried Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS).
    • Full CCTV including Thermal Imaging and long-range Electro-Optic Sensors, and ANPR.
    • Access Control and RFID.
    • Vehicle Entry Control Posts incorporating crash rated barriers, gates and bollards, Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems.