Operational Improvement and LEAN Academy

  • Operational Improvement and LEAN Academy

About This Project

A large national department store was working to deliver its strategic goal to expand its network of stores from 200+ at a rate of 20 % per annum with additional distribution centres. Before embarking on this ambitious rate of growth they recognised the need to greatly improve their existing operating procedures.

Having conducted a range of workshops, focus groups and interviews we were quickly able to identify a lack of standardised processes across the organisation coupled with poor structures in place for addressing issues as they arise. Revive tackled these issues by providing Lean Six Sigma Black Belts to address the chronic problems around low productivity and staff utilisation, and by conducting a raft of LEAN Academy courses, providing existing managers the tools to solve the challenges they regularly encounter.

As a direct result of the work of our embedded Revive associate we reduced mileage by 18% and overtime hours by 96%. In addition, through the LEAN Academy programmes we introduced the techniques to maintain and build on these improvements, providing our client a solution that will continue to deliver performance improvements and cost reductions in the future.