National Communications and Information Command Centre

About This Project

In 2016, Revive were engaged by the Government of Guyana, Ministry of Public Security [MOPS] and Guyana Police Force to work with all stakeholders to establish a framework for the creation of a National Communications and Information Command Centre [NC&ICC] to manage all emergency services coordination and response and thereby deliver enhanced safety and security for the citizens of Guyana.

Stakeholder engagement was undertaken at the highest levels including the Minister for Public Security, Commanding Officers of Police, Fire, Ambulance, Health Services, Civil Defence, E-Governance, Utility Providers and Voluntary Sector

Revive developed a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment for the country and a Governance Model for the establishment and management of the proposed NC&ICC. We also identified the preferred location for the NC&ICC and a concept design for the layout itself with all the elements required for a national command and control facility including :- resilient communications links, call handling and dispatch, information and intelligence management, protective security, standard operating procedures, security monitoring (CCTV, ANPR, Alarms and other sensor data etc) and links to intelligence systems owned and managed by 3rd parties.

The report was presented to the Minister for Public Security in January 2017 and warmly received and has been presented and accepted by the Inter American World Bank as a blueprint for the NC&ICC and as a valid business case to obtain funding.


Guyana Police Force and Ministry of Public Security

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