Logistics Project

About This Project

As part of a larger group, pricing strategy changes had forced a local delivery company to drastically re-think its objectives. In order to return to self-sufficient profitability, it needed to increase the number of deliveries per day by a minimum of 20% just to break even.

As part of a Lean Academy, Revive facilitated a comprehensive “Go, Look and See” exercise to review daily operations. The Green belt quickly identified significant shortfall in available delivery time due to processing and handling of documentation and packing. Under careful guidance of one of our senior Black Belt consultants, the Green Belt utilised quick changeover methodologies (SMED) to change the team’s fundamental perception of what was adding value and what actions were core to the delivery process, reducing waste and re-scheduling key daily activities.

During the pilot phase the Green belt proved an increase of daily deliveries by just over 21% and an overall OTIF (On Time In Full) delivery increase by 44%. The Green belt implemented robust control measures that not only delivered on controlling the performance improvement but also lead to an increase in teamwork and communication, driving the key principles of continuous improvement into the heart of the organisation

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