Force Control Room Move Consultancy

About This Project

In Nov 2015, Revive were commissioned by CoLP to develop plans and specifications for the proposed move of the FCR to a new location in 2017. This is a highly complex undertaking given that there any many interdependencies on other COLP and national technical programmes that are being rolled out at the same time as the proposed move.

Furthermore, COLP retains a significant number of legacy systems feeding data and intelligence into the real time intelligence function supporting the existing Control Room Operations. Part of Revive’s remit was to consider the technical feasibility of existing systems (be they owned and operated by COLP, or those run nationally) and to develop the business case for relocating those systems as they are, upgrading them so that they provide a future-proof platform for continued operations at the new location, or whether they should be replaced with new systems where there is operational justification for doing so or where commercially advantageous to do so.

The commission has been extended to support other parallel programmes impacting on the FCR move: IMS-DRS implementation, establish an MPLS data network to support replacement CCTV and ANPR programmes, network security and the initial work to establish a framework for delivering the new SCP.

Our work entails significant Stakeholder engagement often requiring us to reconcile and arbitrate competing operational requirements through adjusting business processes or developing alternative technical solution proposals.

Significant costs saving opportunities have been identified during the course of our work, as have improved processes for delivering enhance operational efficiency.


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