Central Control Room Development

  • Central Control Room Development

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Description of services
Revive Resilience were engaged to develop a Central Control Room at Heathrow from 17 airport wide nodes, taking in to account the inherent security, cost and passenger service risks all within a six month delivery timeframe. Included within the scope of work was the development and establishment of the necessary organisational & behavioural change to prepare for a new control room and a new collective way of operating.

In addition to the challenging time and budgetary constraints there were numerous challenges to the successful completion of the project, including?

  • Eliminated LCD tree by using wall mountings
  • Challenged acoustics solution / new ceiling
  • Touchstones overheads
  • Admin office & wall
  • Flooring
  • Re-work desks
  • Absorption of Remote Access in Construction budget
  • Staff

Revive Resilience, working with stakeholders and management from Heathrow were able to bring the project in both under budget and ahead of the six month delivery timeframe. As a direct result of the work carried out by Revive Resilience Team members and the Central Control Room developed as a result of our project, the following benefits were realised:

  • Financial – Improved punctuality
  • Service – Reduced Process Disturbance and compliance with CONOPS
  • Security – Improved TIP Scores
  • HSE – Ergonomically Compliant
  • Strategic – Defined in the 2007 OGSM
  • Legislative- License to operate

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