Business Turnaround

10 Nov Business Turnaround

Challenge Our Client requested that Revive conduct a review of the business because they were losing significant sums of money. Revive deployed a Senior Practitioner to generate and implement a plan to bring them back to profitability. Solution The review quickly identified that the business would benefit from the...

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Lean Implementation

10 Nov Lean Implementation

Challenge Our client was operating under many of the traditional manufacturing methods, leading to excessive waste, high inventory levels, significant amounts of rework and a low levels of quality with a defect rate of over 2000PPM. Solution Our associates helped established X-functional teams within the client organisation to...

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10 Nov LEAN Manufacturing vs. Construction

Challenge Plant Rooms are the heart of a modern building, pumping hot & cold water, controlling the flow of air and the cooling & refrigeration to name a few functions. Yet but despite the critical role is plays in the infrastructure of our buildings the innovation...

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